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FitWork Good Practice Guide – available for download 03.07.2018

A Workplace Health Promotion Good Practice Guide was developed by experts, as a final result of the FITWORK project.

The Guide was developed based on the results of the activities carried out throughout the project. Its scope is to support people who want to implement exercise programmes in the workplace.

The potential scope for exercise programmes at the workplace is very wide – programmes can vary in relation to the type of exercise, its frequency, its aims and the extent to which it is related to workplace risks to physical wellbeing (essentially MSD risks). Programmes may take place on or off the company premises, they may take place in working time or not and they may be paid for by the employer, the employee or through some combination of both.

The FitWork guideline seeks to be applicable to all of these situations – it provides guidance on how to organise workplace programmes that aim to increase physical fitness. In doing so, it does not provide guidance on which type of exercise intervention should be implemented – details of these can be obtained from other sources. Instead, it addresses the real organisational issues that affect the design and implementation of any workplace health programme, especially those that may be voluntarily undertaken. Such issues relate to how to persuade stakeholders (employers and employees) to participate, how to ensure high rates of participation, how to integrate the programme with other health (and safety) programmes that may be in place and how ensure that the programme is repeated and improved for future implementation.