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Physical activity in the office 18.01.2018

 Inactivity or insufficient physical activity represents a risk factor for metabolic or cardiovascular diseases. In most of cases the nature of work of office employees does not require high physical efforts and consists mostly of sitting. In order to prevent or/and treat the musculoskeletal disorders caused by the most common job demands it is possible to design fitness programs exercises according to the body parts affected.

The main problems related to ergonomics in the office, indicated by the workers are:

-       Intensive computer use;

-       Prolonged  siting posture;

-       Absence of air conditioning;

-       Talking to the phone while typing;


The common MSD’s problems identified by workers are:

-       Neck problems;

-       Whist;

-       Elbow;

-       Lower back (back support);

-       Shoulder;

-       Leg problems;